• Facebook Marketing 1 on 1

    Facebook Marketing 1 on 1

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    1. Labud says:

      Great article, enjoyed reading it, and watching video. I have one question though: What about the metod of sharing other pages on a daily basis?? I run a fanpage with daily posts of fashion, traveling, and lifestyle. Most of them pics, travel guides, all around quality content. At start number of likes grows awfully slow, and lot of the likes received didn’t get my talking about this” higher. With the metod of sharing similar pages from the niche (and get them to share mine) “share4share program – s4s” I got up to 6000 likes. And the reach of my posts are really low. So, what can that do to your page, and does likes that you get get you in value?
      On the other hand, sometimes number of shares and likes of the posts are slowly getting to rise..

    2. WS says:

      Well if this share4share program is not automated and the pages have “real” users, not these “fake” ones I’ve been talking about and the ones you probably got as well – than it can work of course. But if both sites, have inactive users, this share4share program isn’t going to do much. On the other hand, it’s not going to hurt your page either, as the people who you get through this method, might actually be “real” users, as it doesn’t make sense for these fake likers to like your page, just because it got shared.

      Using groups might be probably the best solution in order to increase your number of natural likes. Plus having a website with good content is never a bad thing either.

      Btw. where are you from? Serbia? Labud means swan in Czech! :)

    3. Labud says:

      Yup, Serbia :)

    4. WS says:

      What’s the name of your fb page(s)?

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